ZeeVee Delivers a High Tech Corporate Office Space with its HD and 4K Video Distribution Solution

BrandStar is a branded entertainment company that produces programs for Lifetime, Fox Business and the History Channel.Started in 1994 with eight people, Brandstar today has grown to over 135 employees. Unfortunately their office space did not keep up with the growth. With an antiquated space, and employees scattered on four different floors, Brandstar’s facility was not a very productive work environment.

Interior designer and TV personality, Kalyn Rothaus, took on the task to remodel the space and create a new high tech work environment that would deliver greater efficiency and increased productivity within the company.

There were many facets to the office retrofit, and ZeeVee was selected by Complete Integrated Technology, the technical advisors for the retrofit, to deliver the video distribution solution.


To deliver on a high tech and productive work environment, the AV requirements were crucial. A solution was needed that allowed Brandstar to distribute many sources of content to many locations throughout the facility, and to various types and sizes of monitors – from video walls and TV screens to computer monitors and smart boards. They also wanted the ability to distribute the same picture and message to all employees.

Brandstar also needed a solution that would deliver 4K video to their new, state-of-the-art, high profile boardroom. A huge matrix switch with remote sources and destinations was required for this AV project. However traditional matrix switches are too costly and difficult to install.

Solution: IP and Coax AV Distribution

ZeeVee Delivers a High Tech Corporate Office Space with its HD and 4K Video Distribution Solution(图1)

The ZeeVee video distribution solution for this corporate environment embraces both the ZeeVee HDbridge products as well and the new IP-based ZyPer products providing a blended environment for many uses in this new facility. On the IP network, applications include video distribution over fiber to digital signage devices, executive 4K conference room displays, PC desktops, Barco 4K Projectors and a Planar mosaic. On the coax network, input from the cable network, digital signage and live studio feeds can be distributed to 50 HD TVs throughout the facility including 2 video walls. This installation is a great example of how to blend different ZeeVee products to support multiple inputs to a large number of endpoints throughout the entire facility over both coax and IP networks.

“There were many goals to this complete office rebuild including delivering television, video or general information to everyone in the facility seamlessly and inexpensively,” said Mark Alfieri, Founder, and CEO of BrandStar. “The new video distribution system allows us to program, create and distribute broadcast-quality video throughout the building across all kinds of different media types-allowing us to display customized messaging on every video board.”

“When we took on this office rebuild project, we reached out to ZeeVee to provide the video distribution solution because we have worked with their products for many years,” said Jason Gelfand, vice president, Complete Integrated Technology. “The flexibility of their product range to support just about any input device and deliver content to almost any output device or display over multiple networks irrespective of the distance, made it possible to support a wide range of technology at this facility including HD and 4K distributed throughout the facility to all of the employees,” he added.

The complete retrofit of its 11,000 square foot facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida was featured in an eight-part series of Office Spaces, a TV show devoted to well-designed office spaces. ZeeVee products were featured during the “Tech Show” episode and can be viewed on YouTube.